Join the Wave is a campaign created to bring attention to the 2020 Women's Marches around the globe. Based in three cities, Barcelona, New York, and London, this campaign inspires women to march with the crowds, flood the streets, and help make a change.


The Join the Wave app has all the latest news and details about Women's Marches. It's accessibility to the public allows more people to get involved by getting the information they need. The goal of this app is to attract more marchers by being accessible to all users. Features include voice directions, wheel-chair accessible route options, and more.


Poster Design

Each city takes on a different visual approach to reflect different cultures and appeal to residents of all types.


The back of each poster includes an infographic about the social issues associated with Women's Marches. The dual sides of these posters allows them to be hung in multiple forms. This allows information to be shared with any person passing by, including those who do not have access to the internet. This information was taken from


Social Media Presence