With the oversight of a Senior Designer at Malka Media, I created the logos, art direction, and branding for the video series Pepsi X's and O's with the McCourty Twins. 


The hand drawn elements and textures express the grit and hard work within the McCourty twins’ lives, on and off the field. These visuals are playful, family friendly, and give the audience a more genuine look at their playbook and lifestyle. This style embodies the balance of the twins’ easy going nature and hardcore work ethic.


The word mark was created by using different weights of the typeface Pepsi Fizz. It is bold, straight forward, and has a hefty, yet strong feel to it. It can be displayed horizontally or stacked vertically.

White logo on color

Black logo

Horizontal logo 

Logos in use

X's and O's


I designed cards to be shown at the beginning and end of each Youtube video. I hand drew the game plays to ensure the style was more personable. I then gave art direction to an animator who added video footage and motion to the static designed cards.

Title Card
Tune In Card
Tune In Card


With a different color variation, I created social posts that the McCourty twins posted to their Instagram account weekly. These posts urged viewers to vote for the play they wanted the twins to walk through and discuss. 

McCourty Social Post
McCourty Social Post